The Bad Science of Climate Change, and NASA's role in it


The arguments I (Mukesh Prasad) make about climate change are outlined below. Though there are a lot of details, the below provides the overview

  1. James Hansen of NASA (GISS specifically) did some Blackbody Temperature calculations to arrive at the Climate Change theory. In this, he was supported by 1895 works of Svante Arrhenius.
  2. James Hansen of NASA did not understand the Blackbody Equations AT ALL. He apparently did a copy-paste, without understanding, of the value 0.99 for Earth's Emissivity.
  3. Earth's Emissivity is NOT 0.99, and using this value showed James Hansen was a copy-paster with no understanding of physics. (The actual value for this "pale blue dot" - as NASA itself told us it looks as from space - would be more like 0.65. What James Hansen didn't understand, was that the "black" of "Blackbody Temperature" referred to the physical color "black", the term "Blackbody" wasn't scientific mumbo-jumbo as he seemed to think. It actually had meaning, that he should have learned in physics class. A significant adjustment is required for any object whose molecular structure shows up as "pale blue". The value 0.65 is consistent with cloud emissivity, which lies around 0.5-0.6 range and covers most of Earth.)
  4. Svante Arrhenius' works became obsolete and incorrect with the discovery of CO2 Absorption Frequencies.
  5. Because data didn't match Hansen's theory, Hansen published a paper that was widely respected within NASA. In this paper, Hansen reversed the scientific method - he argued that if data doesn't match theory, data must be discarded.
  6. NASA went along with this reversal of the scientific method, and NOAA and GISS now use models inspired by this methodology.
  7. NOAA's results therefore are fraudulent falsifications of data. Repeat, fraudulent falsifications of data.

Hansen has stayed secret, in the dark, instead of being well-known in the open tradition of science. As I openly commented in response to a tweet from NASA:

There is much more to this - but basically, Hansen the bad (and yet very cunning) scientist was able to get Al Gore and Congress to allocate billions of dollars to fight this false "manmade CO2 caused warming".

This was assisted by NASA's data falsification, and the massive money created massive corruption of scientists, a massive amount of false and doctored 'evidence'.