Letter to Nature, Aug 3 2019

Springer Ticket ID: #108979

From: Mukesh Prasad

It is not true that science comes journal-sized. Sometimes, you have material for a book. Sometimes, it's a sentence. Sometimes, it's a page.

The journal size, in particular, started because all science wasn't book-sized. Later, too many journals opened up and there was a lot of traffic, all of which caused this strange "peer review" thingie. Anyway, as I explain in my book-sized science "A New Science: From Light to Eternity", this peer review has badly deteriorated, because publication has become currency rather than an act of sharing information.

So here is the view of Manmade Climate Change from Mukesh Prasad.


After you have read it, you will be able to understand that the following is 2-paragraph-sized science.

The emissivity of Earth is not 0.99. It is 0.88 to the power 4, divided by 0.99. James Hansen had the data first, but he did not recognize it. I, Mukesh Prasad, am claiming therefore to be the discoverer of Earth's emissivity.

The error in emissivity led to the erroneous usage of CO2 to balance the heat equation. This is not only erroneous on account of the missing emissivity application, we know this to be impossible, because maximum entropy in CO2 bands extends from 10 meters above ground to top of atmosphere, as per post-Arrhenius measurements from Angstrom. The 10 meters are saturated, so adding CO2 there cannot do anything, and above 10 meters the CO2 band energy has dissipated, reached thermodynamic equilibrium, reached maximum entropy. From known behavior, entropy does not reverse itself. From measurements, we find the maximum entropy condition endures to the top of the atmosphere, as expected. The CO2 molecules are at thermal equilibrium at the top of the atmosphere. Since the top of atmosphere has no CO2 energy available, adding CO2 molecules cannot capture anything, and are equivalent to O2 and N2 molecules. Not relevant to heat balance.

PS: Correction - "Top of atmosphere" measurements are from satellite data, Angstrom only needed to measure up to 10 meters.