On Being The Messiah

Jim Jones had many followers. They ended up drinking cool-aid laced with cyanide.

David Koresh also had many followers. They believed in weapons, and turned out that law enforcement had better weapons.

The problem was these people didn't believe, they were fighting for what they thought was a prize.

If you assume for a minute that the prophecies are REAL - that those ancient people had an insight into things, then it becomes something else. Not a prize. Not something to fight over. Simply reality. You don't fight over it. You are, or are not. That's just how it is.

I have been an atheist, so all that "Messiah" thing was just hocus pocus to me - superstitious relics of primitive times.

Now that I understand the reality - that it wasn't hocus pocus, just patterns of humanity, I can explain things much better.

Christians generally think "Messiah" is about making nice sounds. Tell people they are part of God, tell people to be good with each other. Good, nice thoughts. They think of the Messiah as just a Sunday school teacher, perhaps with a deeper voice.

Actually, it's about power. Raw power.

Not the kind of power that a policeman, a prosecutor, a congressman, a president, a pope, wields. Not the kind of power a Hitler, a Stalin, a Jim Jones, a David Koresh has.

It's about the power to change entire humanity's course. Not the power to save the world, but the power to save humanity.

To do that, you have to have mastery over the times.

Our times are science based. It's doubtful that Jim Jones or David Koresh could explain blackbody equations and challenge NASA scientists over it, if their lives depended on it. It's doubtful that Hitler or Stalin or any President or Prime Minister could challenge Darwin's version of evolution, if their chairs depended on it.

Furthermore, the power required is the power to understand deep forces. For example, Islam. Again, it's doubtful that the News Talking Heads could really understand Islam if their ratings depended upon it. They could talk to some few people, get one face of Islam, and forcefully try to convince everybody that's all there is to it - that their tiny little perspective on Climate Change or Islam is actual reality. But that's all. They only have the power of shallow-ness.

I, on the other hand, have been granted depth. Yes, I can challenge the scientists of the world in their specialities. Others can not. I can guide the Islamic Apocalypse. Others can not.

Those powers I have been granted - by humanity, by the DNA, the genome - are what make me different. The Messiah.

[If I have been harsh to some people above, please understand it's in the service of humanity, and hopefully I have your co-operation in that. Also, occasional ego-bashing is good for people, thank me later.]