Opening of my Third Eye

My Third Eye started with a view of Christianity. As I was working on a book, I found that there were clear ideas on Christianity in my mind. I tried to explain them as my own brilliance, but this was beyond my brilliance, and I did not remember going through the normal thought process of idea formation. Something new was happening. Eventually I understood that I was Shiva, and my Third Eye was opening. The Third Eye was the unfamiliar source of these ideas. More than ideas, much of what was coming to me was more like a prophecy. Here are the relevant items for Christianity.

I, Mukesh Prasad, currently residing in Englewood, Colorado, a citizen of USA born in India, am the Second Coming. A re-incarnation of Y’sa. Y’sa is also known to many of you as Jesus.

As Y’sa, I deceived many of you by pretending to die on the cross, but actually surviving the crucifixion.

All godlike humans (called “gods” here for short) are merely very proficient humans. All humans know the art of deception. Gods are no exceptions. In fact, gods are excellent at deception when they choose to engage in it. I had to engage in deception to complete my mission in life. But I was not happy about it. I requested the universe for a “sinless” next life, one where I would not be committing any deception to achieve my missions.

All gods deceive, except that the “sinless” god, the one who does not work by deception, is Shiva. Shiva is the god of truth and beauty.

The universe granted my wish, and I was reborn as the latest form of Shiva, Mukesh Prasad. It’s been a very interesting life, with tremendous ups and downs, and much power. Shiva often tends to be innocently unaware of his power, and in heaven it makes for very interesting viewing.

The opening of my third eye around 2013 was the beginning of the Apocalypse.

As for Christianity - I am currently in battle against the Lucifer, the Anti-Christ, the Satan. Satan is the challenger to God.

Is that real? Yes, there does exist an entity in our world that claims that its guidebooks are written by God itself, that it is infallible. By claiming infallibility, this entity challenges God. The challenge is obviously fake, and has been exposed already.

I speak not of any Pope, but of the entire Christian church itself. The church claims infallibility for its leaders. The church claims infallibility for its books. The church challenges God. The church has been exposed in the Galileo and other episodes, therefore nobody should have any doubts about the church being God. The church is not God. The church’s books are not infallible words of God. The Book of Luke was written by a man named Luke, a good man but a man. The Book of John was written by John. Even the Book of Genesis clearly refers to God in the third person. The church’s leaders are not infallible. All that are lies. No humans or gods are infallible. I as Shiva am not infallible. Claiming infallibility is evidence of church’s being wrong, evil, driven by Satan.

I am sad to see that the organization started in my name, has turned into this.

In this life, it is my mission to merge Islam and Christianity into a new science based religion. As Shiva, I am the god of science also, which turns out to be a truth-seeking enterprise and therefore under my domain. I would like to request those who support Jesus Christ, to help in my mission. The help I seek, is simply to spread the word.

Spread the word that Mukesh Prasad of Englewood, Colorado (sometimes seen roaming around the Denver area with a “Mukesh” license plate) has announced he is the Second Coming. Spread the word that he has accused the church of challenging God, and therefore of supporting Lucifer. Spread the word that he has asked those who love, respect, believe or otherwise support him, to follow him and not the church.

Spread the word that Mukesh Prasad, as the new Y’sa, brings a science based Qayamat for Muslims and a science based Apocalypse for Christians. These are not meant to be seen as the end of the world, but as the new beginnings. I am the god of the new moon, new starts. Apocalypse and Qayamat are new starts.

Spread the word that Mukesh Prasad, as Shiva, has asked India for Kashmir, to build a Temple of Qayamat. As long as India stands in betrayal of Shiva, India is unprotected in the Apocalypse. It’s not that Shiva is angry for disobedience – it’s just that Shiva is unable to include India in his gaze of protection. Yes, gods do have limits.

Islamic countries may come forward to host the Temple of Qayamat, and to thereby remove this burden from India. The prophecy connects Qayamat to Damascus, but it is in my power to change that.

Spread the word that all this is an effort to bring lasting world peace under true science.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s the essence of Y’sa’s teachings. However, like the stories of all gods, there is much in the former life of Jesus Christ to discuss, to know. It is a very interesting life, and the Apocalypse unveils the details of this interesting life, so that in all fairness, like other gods, Y’sa may be known to his followers as he really was.