Man claiming to be the Second Coming denies Climate Change, invites NASA to public debate on physics


Mukesh Prasad, a resident of Englewood, Colorado, a US citizen born in India who claims to be the prophesied Second Coming – is issuing an open challenge to NASA to debate the physics of Climate Change.

“If you believe in Climate Change – first of all, why aren’t you vegan and if you are, good for you – here is an opportunity to bring great attention to your cause”, says Mukesh “I mean, Jesus Christ re-incarnated, denying Climate Change and offering to publicly debate, on the record, Blackbody Equations and Carbon Dioxide absorption frequencies with NASA. Surely that’s sensational enough to bring attention to your cause? Don’t keep saying climate change, climate change, climate change, DO something about it. Spread this message, this challenge, everywhere.”

Mukesh Prasad holds that the theory of manmade CO2-caused Climate Change does not come from “all scientists”, they all did not get into a humongous room and come up with the theory. He says the theory comes from James Hansen, formerly of NASA, one single mistaken individual, who got support from the 19th century works – later overturned - of an individual named Svante Arrhenius. He says James Hansen did not understand very important and relevant physical principles, and used an incorrect value of 0.99 for Earth’s emissivity – which value is obviously incorrect to anybody who understands Thermodynamics, an important field of Physics.

He further claims that NASA organizations such as NOAA and GISS are biased due to this. They happen to be the agencies in charge of data collection, and have frequently and consistently misreported the data in favor of the manmade Climate Change theory. Combined with this, the massive government one-sided funding of the manmade Climate Change theory has created overwhelming amounts of false evidence, and has badly corrupted scientists. It is also killing people, by taking away focus and resources from real pollution, to the false science of carbon-footprints.

Mukesh Prasad also says the teaching of Blackbody Temperatures, an important topic in Physics, has become erroneous over time, and he is offering to explain the real physics of it to NASA and other scientific institutions, and how to teach it.

Whether CO2-caused Climate Change is true or false, an open highly publicized debate between the self-proclaimed Second Coming and NASA scientists has the potential to bring the necessary attention to this cause. Therefore all Climate Change supporters/skeptics/deniers should do their best to publicize this challenge, to get attention to their cause.

Mukesh Prasad says in past lives he has been individuals named Shiva and Y’sa. He adds that the name Y’sa has been corrupted, and is known today as Jesus Christ in Christian populations. He says he has been prophesied about, and is the Chosen One to guide humanity through the Apocalypse – the New Dawn. On miracles he says “No, I do not have power of miracles in the form of magic tricks. I am a human being, chosen by the genome to lead through the times of change, and I don’t do magic tricks. I only have real powers that the genome is able to grant. For example, I do have the power of miracles in the form of one individual challenging all the scientists of the world on physics – expect more of these kinds of miracles from me.” His message to the entirety of the Christian Church, including Catholics and Protestants, the Vatican and its Popes, is “Get behind me, Satan.”