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Englewood, Colorado


Messiah says Emissivity of Earth is 0.64

Mukesh Prasad, a resident of Englewood, Colorado, a US citizen born in India, who claims to be the prophesied Second Coming of Christ, is saying he has discovered the emissivity of the Earth, and it is 0.64.

"This comes from my examination of the Global Warming aka Climate Change theory." He explains. "There was a discrepancy between the expected and observed temperature of the Earth. From this, the good folks at NASA decided that the harmless gas CO2 was a monster, going to kill us all."

"From a review of the science, however, I noticed that James Hansen was on to something real. He had data in his hands to discover and announce the emissivity of the Earth. He didn't realize the significance."

Mukesh read an explanation of the Hansen theory, and used the numbers therein to compute the ratio of expected vs. actual absolute temperatures to be 0.88.

"Then I simply had to raise it to the 4th power. You can do just mental math approximation on it, which gives you 0.64. So that is Earth's emissivity, 0.64." He says.

What about Climate Change? "Well, there is no manmade Climate Change, sorry. The universe doesn't revolve around us. The sun doesn't revolve around us. The stars don't revolve around us. All that is just old Euro-Christian traditions of 'we are the center of the universe' still with us, masquerading as science," He says, "But actually the climate does what it wants, from significant forces of nature. Not including us. We can only cause pollution where we live. But that is all. Just like the Sun, the climate also does not revolve around us."

"But I do want to make the claim that I am the discoverer of Earth's emissivity of around 0.64." He concluded.